Malta 5D Show


It is no wonder that Malta 5D is gaining popularity with locals and tourists alike! Since opening its doors, Malta 5D has intirigued people with its unique and ultimate cinematic experience! It takes you on an enchanting voyage beyond time to discover and feel the thrilling events that shaped the local history and culture!

Malta 5D is a touch of history brushed up with the new generation technology of 3D cinematic special effects enhanced with leg ticklers, water spray, air blasts, smells and the jostles of moving seats.

Throughout the film, the audience is captivated by the aerial views which delve into the past and present landmark events that shaped the story of the Maltese Islands! Spectators soar over the archipelago on a memorable adventure through the time machine as they witness first-hand the evidence of human life magnified in the various Pre-historical Temples; then bounce off to the victorious era of the legendary Knights of the Order of St. John during the atrocious invasion of the Great Siege in 1565, right up to more recent events of Malta's heroic approach during World War II.

Together with the Maltese Falcon, you shall dive into the open seas, twist and turn around the narrow quaint streets of our villages and hold your breath against the on-coming attacks of spears and bombs! Be prepared... there's also an element of surprise to be expected!

Malta 5D has been intelligently created to suit all ages and to attract a diverse audience. It is educational, innovative, exciting, fun and just the place for curious people!

Adults - Eur 9

Children - Eur 6

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